Amy Miller

Amy is the founder of Élevé Technical Innerwear, a startup that designs and manufactures women's sport specific athletic underwear (think underwear for yoga). Her background ranges from ballet to business and she has earned degrees in both Business Management and International Business from UW-Stevens Point. Amy is passionate about women's entrepreneurship and enjoys yoga, cycling, cooking, fashion and hanging out with her nine year old son. New to Madison, Amy is thrilled to be a part of the Madison Fashion Network!

Prototyping and Production: Lessons in Getting Started


Not all fashion designers are necessarily inventors, however I think some inventors are certainly fashion designers.  I recently read somewhere that for every 3,000 ideas, only 2 will actually “make it” and become actual products.  That’s just 0.06%!!!   And while for many entrepreneurs, coming up with an idea is sometimes the easy part, prototyping and building a MVP (minimum viable product) can be overwhelming.  About a year ago, I started developing my idea for functional underwear for women to wear under yoga pants.  Sounds simple, right?  It turns out, it’s true what they say:  product development often takes longer and costs more than you expect.  In this post, I’ll share a bit about what I’ve learned so far in my journey.