Staying Inspired: Fashion Illustration

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Fashion Illustration as a medium allows for the opportunity to express looks in a way that focuses on exaggerating poses, experimenting with balance in texture, color and visualizing how garments will drape. The following two illustrators do a great job of creating content AND posting regularly to their social media for our inspiration and viewing pleasure.

I paired Briana Kranz and Tuna Bora because their style consists of mostly traditional media that compliments the loose relaxed feel of the looks they illustrate.

Briana Kranz

Watercolor, pen & inkInsta watercolor SS15 mara hoffman Insta Marker Doodle Insta Inktober Insta Inktober

Tuna Bora

ponchocoats. pen, brush pen Marker Girl inktober 60's inspired Giambattista Valli Design character Design 60's inspired inktober

I happen to spend way too much time ogling over fashion illustration online, and I’ve got a hefty Pinterest board to prove it. Feel free to stop by for more inspiration.
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Tuna Bora Illustrations retrieved from

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